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March 27, 2010

Where to Find the One Way Car Hire

One way car rental is available through out the world. It is a relatively recent development within the industry, previously to hire a car and drop it off in an alternative location came with an expensive premium. If you are on holiday you can hire a one way hire car for no extra cost. If you are travelling with a lot of luggage one way car hire can be a very easy and convenient way of reaching your destination, especially if you are staying for a long time.

Many people enjoy building their own holiday today rather than relaying on a package deal. It is often a lot cheaper to find the exact accommodation you want and then book your flights and car hire separately. Quite often you can make very big savings through one airport and leaving the country from another. Hiring a one way car to make this journey is convenient easy and cost effective. When hiring a car you will save money by not having to use an airport taxi transfer or taxis during your stay. You can also explore the region at your own pace and visit some of the more obscure destinations and secluded areas where other tourists will find it hard to reach.

Why not take a mini road trip adventure and plan a route to explore during your stay. A good example for doing this type of trip comes when people are trying to visit Barcelona. Often fights are costly and unavailable direct to Barcelona many people are fly into Gerona or Zaragoza both are over 100 kilometers away; this is the perfect opportunity to hire a car and explore the surrounding area.

Between Gerona and Barcelona you can visit the many beautiful beach towns and villages which are dotted along the twisting coastal road there are fabulous views and you will see some of Spain missed by most travelers and do it all at your own pace.

Sometimes if the car hire company used is relatively small a premium is added to the price of the rental because they must pick up the car from where you have left it. Larger companies just specify that you drop it back to their local branch near to where you are leaving the vehicle this eliminates having to pay any extra costs. Make sure you shop carefully when you book your one way car hire.

We have spent a lot of time researching on the internet for the very best car hire prices. We believe to keep ahead of the competition and the best method of getting the cheapest prices is to use a comparison search engine. Car hire prices fluctuate regularly, by using a comparison engine you will be able to compare prices form over 25 companies at the same time bringing you the very best deals for that particular time. It also saves you trawling through many companies entering your details every time. Simply enter your requirements once and the search engine will do the hard work.

Especially when booking a one way hire car it is best to enquire and book as far in advance of your trip as possible. This will mean you receive the very best prices and ensure that there will be a vehicle available for you. Once you have obtained several quotes you should then have a look at the finer details of the package. Often prices look very similar but finer points of the hire package will be different; look out for companies offering comprehensive insurance without an excess’ or reduced rates on particular vehicles.

Don’t be forced to fly to and from the same airport and pay for expensive flights hiring a one way car can show you a part of Spain you would have otherwise been missing. Explore where ever you want to go it will bring your holiday a new sense of freedom and leave you with some life long memories of a great trip abroad.

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