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July 10, 2010

Where to Find the Best Car Hire in Spain

Spain is a spectacularly diverse country offering an extensive array of regional landscapes, cities, towns, villages and cultural hot spots which are all must visit places for any one going to the extent of hiring a car during their holiday.

Spain has a rich variety of regional foods which to be fully appreciated must be sampled whilst you are there. Whilst on vacation a hire car is often the fastest and most convenient way to visit these locations and enjoy all of the culinary fare on offer.

From Spains vast towering mountain ranges to the crystal blue seas of the Mediterranean a rental a car will mean you wont miss a thing.

Spain enjoys a celebration of life every year during the festival season, colorful vibrant Fiestas small and large alike take place in most towns and cities. From streets carpeted in flowers in Cordoba, films by the sea, to the raucous running of the bulls, and the perplexing burial of the sardine in Murcia or the rather sophisticated ballets and concerts in the gardens of Calphis there is something for every taste.

As a tourist what ever you feel like taking in can be more than easily accommodated at relatively small distances. Spain quite literally has it all on offer, Barcelona is a feast for the eyes and senses, marvel at Gaudis cathedral and art works or sit back and enjoy the hustle bustle of everyday Spanish life over a Coffee.

Madrid boasts over 50 museums, the home of the Royal family and parliament; it just doesnt get any more cosmopolitan than this. There are tropical islands, romantic hidden hill towns, Roman architecture left over from Spains colorful history. The flawless mountain ranges of the Pyrenees are perfect for a week of skiing and throughout the summer the sun streams down on mile after mile of clean white sandy beaches.

When the sun finally sets Spains effervescent medley of night life will keep you entertained until the small hours.

For those on with a slightly more flexible itinerary a hire car means you can fully appreciate what makes Spain quite so unique.

With extensive numbers of hire companies to choose from, all of which guarantee a clean affordable modern car the choice is really with the consumer. Driving in Spain is relatively simple and very much like the driving you are used to in the UK.

When it comes to cost, a hire car makes a lot of sense; think about your airport transfer, quite often this equals the cost of a weeks car hire to begin with. Then when you consider the cost of any taxis used during your stay it becomes the clear choice.

The best element of hiring a car has to be that you will get to see so many of Spains hidden treasures which would otherwise remain unknown to you. If youre on a longer vacation it can be the perfect method of getting away from resort on a day trip and soaking in the local culture.

With temperatures in summer reaching in excess of 40 degrees centigrade youll want to have a car with air-conditioning; purely because it will make your journeys more comfortable. Youre like to keep the children happier and avoid any stressful moments behind the wheel. The majority of hire cars in Spain include this but be sure to check when you book. Nothing is stopping you, go ahead book a hire car, and realise what a different type of holiday you could have been having.

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