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March 29, 2010

UK Car Hire

Despite the growing number of car owners in the United Kingdom there is always a demand for hire cars. Whether it be from customers in the UK wanting day rental to replace their own damaged car, tourists coming from abroad to visit England, or UK tourists looking for car rental abroad.
One of the fastest growing car hire firms in the UK is Sixt, a company originating in Germany, and now expanding across Europe. Sixt has an emphasis on low prices and high quality service and is rapidly becoming one of the most trusted UK brands.
Through their global network of branches Sixt are able to offer car, van and minibus hire worldwide. With 14 branches in London and over 100 across the rest of the UK it’s easy to see why Sixt UK is so popular. Every one of their vehicles is less than 6 months old and maintained to the highest standards. This means that Sixt customers receive the very best service and lowest prices in the UK.
For British holidaymakers looking to hire a car in popular holiday destinations such as Malaga, Palma, Barcelona, and Alicante it has never been easier. Thanks to the internet tourists can book their holiday car from UK Sixt website without any hassle and at discounted prices.
For UK based rental the process is just as easy customers can book online or go directly to a Sixt branch and they are not limited to just cars. Sixt offer a wide range of vans and minibuses also available for hire at competitive rates on short and long term rental plans.
Despite the increasing amount of car hire brokers and price comparison websites it seems that many customers are happy to deal directly with a car hire company without the hassle of a ‘middle man’.
The ability to offer a complete global service gives Sixt a great advantage and the future certainly looks promising for the German rent-a-car firm in the UK market.

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