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August 11, 2010

Travelling to Barcelona With Your Children

Barcelona has got to be one of the favourite Spanish destinations for travellers from the world over. Children also tend to choose this charming city as their favourite place when they get older. If you want to enjoy one of the best family holidays ever, a quaint city such as Barcelona has a fantastic choice for both parents and children. Also, you will appreciate that Barcelona has an ideal climate all year round, with mild temperatures in winter and warmer temperatures in summer. This is great because children can go to the parks and to the beaches throughout the year which is a bonus.

Travelling with children nowadays is not a problem. In fact it is quite the opposite! Children will not have time to get bored and both you the parents along with your children will enjoy the city as a whole family. In addition to the many things to see and do, Barcelona has some fine beaches and mountain ranges. Can there be any other reason why you need to bring your children to Barcelona? You will all have a wonderful time!

One of the best ways to start the day and get the ball rolling is a visit to Poble Espanyol, where the children can have fun while they discover the streets and the plazas all over Spain. Poble Espanyol is a place where some of the most enchanting buildings and monuments from around Spain are reproduced. Its narrow streets also hide a whole world full of life: small shops, interesting museums, workshops, restaurants and even greenery reserved for playing on.

After touring around the different parts of Spain without even leaving Barcelona, our next stop would be to take the children to the Aquàrium. There you can take a walk under a 80 metre glass tunnel to see the sharks being fed. This particular Aquarium is one of the largest in the world: it holds around 11,000 animals from 450 different marine species. Recently a section for the Humboldt penguins aka Peruvian Penguin, or Patranca has been open. In addition, the children might like to play in Explora which is an interactive leisure and educational section of the Aquarium, with more than 50 interactive things to touch, look at, listen to, investigate and discover nature with. This can be a wonderful experience for both children and adults alike!

And talking about animals – the next stop should definitely be the Zoo. Barcelona’s Zoo is one of the oldest in Spain. It was inaugurated in 1940. Unfortunately, the main attraction of the zoo, Copito de Nieve – a beautiful and unique albino gorilla died in 2004, but there are many other animals to be enjoyed such as the dolphins, the lions, the tigers and many more.

The Zoo is located in one of the most beautiful and charming parks in Barcelona, The Ciutadella. It is one of the largest open spaces in the city and a must for both you and your children. Walking among its many avenues and gardens is a real joy. Inside the park, there is a lake where children can sail in a small boat. After, you can visit the Geology and the Zoology Museums in the park, too.

After strolling lazily around The Ciutadella Park, why not take your children to the Imax Cinema. It is a large-format cinema located in Port Vell – not too far from the park. Projections take place on a special 600 square metre screen. You will also need to wear the special 3D glasses so you can fully experience the magic of an Imax cinema.

Do you want your children to have a culturally refreshing afternoon? If so, why not take them to Cosmocaixa. This is the Science Museum in Barcelona. Visitors are invited to interact and participate with the many scientific experiments. This is a firm favourite with many schools in Barcelona and just makes the whole experience richer and more entertaining, particularly for the young ones.

The Camp Nou is a must especially if you are a football fan. The Camp Nou Tour is the best way to experience Barcelona F.C from the inside. This tour takes you through the past and present of an emblematic stadium and includes a visit to the Barcelona F.C Museum. The array of silverware on display is literally mind boggling!

If you and your children are lovers of amusement parks then you need to take at least a day trip. You can go to the Tibidabo Park, a beautiful and charming theme park, which has the most stunning views of the city. The theme park has around 100 years of history and the goal of Tibidabo Amusement Park is to ensure that your expectations are exceeded. If you are feeling more adventurous you can travel down to Port Aventura. It is located in Tarragona which is outside Barcelona and an hour and a half by car will get you there. It is a theme park full of action-packed adventures from the four corners of the globe: the Far West, Imperial China, Exotic Polynesia, Aztec Mexico and the laid back Mediterrania.

Finally, you and your children have to go to Las Ramblas, the most famous street in Barcelona. It starts at Plaza Catalunya and goes all the way up to the statue of Columbus. Your children will surely have a great time there looking at the newspaper stands with their many souvenirs, the flower and animal stalls, and all sorts of street artists that paint themselves and appear to be statues – great fun.

Travel to Barcelona with your children and rent an apartment in Barcelona – it is a lot cheaper than a hotel and you will enjoy more privacy and freedom and making both you and your children feel at home in this enchanting city.

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