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August 6, 2010

Travel experiences: Barcelona,Spain

Well I think I have just come back from my favourite place on Earth! Barcelona, Spain!

After having no sleep and a few too many beers, we looked at the clock and realised we should have left for the airport 20 minutes ago. It was 2:00 am when our taxi picked us up and took us to Stansted. We arrived very tired to Reus Airport where we caught another bus to Barcelona. We arrived at Sants Station around 11am and excitedly caught the Metro to our Hostel on one of Barcelona’s busiest streets.

We got dressed and went out for some lunch before hitting the streets to do some shopping. We checked out Las Ramblas which is a pedestrian strip full of great shops and live entertainers surrounded by magnificent architecture. We did a little shopping and briefly saw Gaudi’s Catherdral before heading to the supermarket where we bought bottles of Vodka for 3.50 as we thought to ourselves that this couldn’t be good for us. We went back to the hostel and booked a Cultural night tour, had some drinks got ready and meet the rest of the group at 8.30 pm.

Our first stop was the Tapas bar for a feed and some Sangria, after our third drink we were on the move and a busting Melissa and I had to stop in for a wee at one of the hostels on the way. We lost the group and were wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out which way they had gone. We managed to track them down after 20 minutes of walking around and 3 taxi journeys. Luckily for us, they had not entered our next venue, the Flamenco show hidden away in a Venetian like square off Las Ramblas. The Flamenco show was not the traditional women in the red dresses but was made up of 4 men, two on guitars (one of them the singer), one on the drum and a dancer with feet so fast your eyes struggled to keep up with.

After the Flamenco show we headed to a secluded underground bar near the city centre. The bar tender there was hilarious, I queried him about how much alcohol they put in a single drink. And after his explanation of “ah, a pretty girl like you with beautiful smile, gets as much as she like”, I walked away from the bar with a tall glass, three quarters full of whiskey with only a dash of coke. After forcing down two of these babies, I was ready to move on to the Discotheque, where the party doesn’t really get started until after 3:00 am. We didn’t make it much past 3:00 due the fact that we were all feeling a little drunk, the sad thing was we had only had about 5 or 6 drinks!


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