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August 4, 2010

Travel advice: Pickpocketers paradise in Barcelona

Having got real excited about visiting Barcelona, the home of Gaudi and his weird and wonderful architecture we began to hear some horrendous stories about Barcelona’s sub-culture – the underworld of pick pocketers. But we were all seasoned travellers and having discussed the probeln in mirth we felt confident that none of us would be vulnerable. However, despite our pledge to be ever vigilant these canny crooks were to prove even more devious than we could have imagined.

We were targeted twice! Imagine that in a long weekend!

The first time we were sat as a tight group at a street pavement cafe and decided to show off our digital cameras around the group. Well they were being passed round with great enthusiasm and my bulky, but expensive digital SLR was placed on the table as my son went off to the inside toilet (too much information I hear you cry). My eyes were fixed on my daughter-in-laws wizardry when she coughed loudly and demanded that i immediately pass my camera to her. “Patience is a virtue” I stated with a smile & then noticed her agitated look. It seems that when my son had left the table, a guy had carefully and slowly pulled his chair over towards our table and was so close that my camera was within his reach. As my daughter-in-law caught my attention he had shot off at great speed.

We had got over the shock of his audacity and were determined that our great City break would not be ruined by local rogues. However out tenacity was to be further tested a couple of days later when we descended into the depths of the Metro.

Having checked out the metro map we pondered on the instructions on the automated ticket dispenser before realizing that the instructions could be selected in English and multiple single journey tickets purchased in “one go”. having cracked this simple fact the rest of our purchasing became much easier. The Metro was clean and bright and the six of us now felt confident as we passed through the automated barrier to access the station. We chatted about the Gaudi apartments and our high expectations of the Park Guell (our next destination) and whilst the other five sat down I wandered the platform taking the odd photograph.

The train’s arrival was counted down on an overhead TV screen and I wandered off taking photos down the platform. Due to my wanderings I boarded the train by a different entrance to the rest of my family and as I approached them my attention was drawn to the closing door that had trapped the

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