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April 20, 2010

Top Tourist Destinations In Barcelona

Any visit to Barcelona would not be complete without a visit to the magnificent Sagrada Familia. Make it your first stop! It is a huge symbolic cathedral with 3 facades that represent the nativity, the passion and death of Jesus Christ and the Glorification. The whole structure, and all the details in the decorative elements of the facade and the interior are full of meaning. It is truly a spectacular site.

Olympic Harbour, situated just next to la Barceloneta neighbourhood is a great place to go and eat seafood. Its capacity is overwhelming and enables it to berth a considerable number of boats and sports boats.

Most people that visit the Olympic Harbour go to visit the Museu de Historia de Catalunya, which is a great way to better understand the history of the local people, and the evolution of their unique culture. Many people do not realise just how different the Catalan people are to the Spanish. This museum will help you to understand the many differences that exist between these cultures today.

The Olympic Ring is where the 1992 Olympics took place and visitors will find here a group of sports installations of these Olympics. The Olympic ring is composed of the Olympic Stadium, the Calatrava tower,the Bernat Picornell swimming pools, the Palau Sant Jordi as well as the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia.

Parc de la Ciutadella, the perfect combination of nature, architecture and entertainment. Do take the trouble to visit this lovely tourist site. A lovely place to relax in a quiet, shady park. You would never know that you are surrounded by the city!

Barcelona’s Spanish Village represents the architecture of different regions of Spain. You will find a conjunction of Castilian, Aragonese and Andalucian buildings, Basque streets, Galician and Catalan quarters and a Dominican monastery here. Within the village you will be able to visit a variety of excellent restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, and nightclubs.

Three Great Barcelona Attractions

The Gothic Quarter is described in the Lonely Planet as a collection of classic medieval warrens of winding and narrow streets, unique little plazas and lovely structures from the golden age of the city. You could easily spend several days just wondering around this area, admiring the architecture and the many craft and gift shops you will find tucked around every corner.

Montjuic Fountains – From Plaza Espanya up to Palau Nacional a path of fountains and cascades can be found, including ‘the Magic Fountain’ which is a unique display of light, sound and colour as lights are projected onto the fountain, which moves in time with a recorded piece of music. A must see for every visitor to Barcelona.

Las Ramblas is a pedestrian boulevard divided into various parts – the upper end, which runs into the Plaza Catalunya, to the lower end that starts at the Columbus monument. You will also find the Rambla dels Estudis, Rambla de Canaletes, Rambla dels Caputxins Rambla de les Flors, and Rambla de Santa Monica or Rambla del Mar.

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