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August 3, 2010

The great nightlife of Barcelona

Hot girls, attractive guys, exclusive clubs and local bars,
The nightlife in Barcelona is something where you have to go through!

Everyone who has been to Barcelona, and went out to party will talk about the fantastic nightlife in Barcelona. There is so much to do, from the small local bars, cocktail bars, lounges, gay-disco’s to the famous v.i.p. clubs. Everyone will find what he likes! I will give you a summary of the nice bars and clubs in Barcelona.

Cocktail bar: DosTrece.
If you are looking different cocktails than the typical Mojito and Caipirina, this is the place to go. The bar is located in the city centre in Carrer de carme in Barrio Raval. The bar offers an extensive menu of mixed cocktails fitting with the time of the year. They also serve lunch between 13.30 and 16.00 and dinner between 21.00 until 24.00. After midnight the diningroom will open up for the party people. It is always full of young professionals from around the world.

Club: Fellini.
This club on la Rambla will celebrate her 3rd anniversary on the 16th of November.
In the winter is this one of the most popular clubs. There are 3 different area’s; the Salon de los Espejos ( mirror room), the red room and the bad room. In the Salon de los Espejos room they play Chic House by different DJ’s. For example DJ Malambo and Segrio Patricio. In the bad room you can dance on the beats of Free Clash. And the Red room is perfect for disco and funky styles. It is perfect located on la Rambla close to the metro stop: Drassanes.

Lounge: La Fianna
This restaurant and bar is located in El Borne. It is decorated in a trendy,funky Moroccan and Turkish style with cobblestone walls with red vervet curtains and enormous candle chandeliers. In the front there is a lounge and in the back is space for 30 people to have diner. The combination of the lovely interior and the great food and cocktails is perfect! You can have meal for about €10,00. After midnight they open the entire place for the bar crowd. It is a great place to enjoy your meal and taste the Spanish nightlife.

Local bar: NuBar
This bar is located on Passage de Colom. The interior of this bar is really nice, plenty of space to hang out with your friends or one special friend. The sidewalk patio is a relaxing place to watch people while you lunch. At night this bar turns into a fusion bar with a wide variety of DJ styles all over Europe. The prices are normal, €3,50 for a beer and €6,00 for one of the very nice cocktails. The bar is conveniently located by Port Vell close to the metro stop Barceloneta.

Local bar: Champañeria
This is the place where you can fin the typical Spanish combination of Champaign and tappas. Perfect, if you want to start a night out with some food and cheap drinks or if you want to taste the Spanish culture. This bar is located between El Borne and Port Vell. This is one of the places you must have seen. It begins in the early evening, from 17.30 until 22.30 you can get the tappas and bocadillos. If you order tappas you will get a bottle of cava for free! Two bocadillos and the cava will cost aout €5,00. The bar gets really crowded so the advise is to go as early as possible.

Club: Shoko
This club is located with the clubs Catwalk and Opium aside at Port Olympic, close to the metro stop: Ciutadella Vila Olympica. This club opens out onto the beach. It is a sheik club where the pretty people go to dance and be seen. The interior is a cross between feng shui and a buddist meditative feel. It has three large bars anchoring the dance floor with an elevated V.I.P. section where the selected few sip cava. The music depends every night, it is a mix of Dance, Trance, Electronic, Latin House, Club and House. They also have private party´s that are invite only. The wine and beer cost around 5€ and the cocktails are about 8 to 10€. They have an extensive menu of Japanese-Asia fusions that goes along with their limited sushi menu.

This is just a tiny part of the possibilities to enjoy the nightlife of Barcelona, you have to enjoy this! If you want to come and you are looking for a affordable accommodation in Barcelona, you can contact Apartments Barcelona who will guide you and find you rooms, apartments and vacation rentals in the city center next to la Rambla.

About Barcelona
Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, It is located on the Mediterranean coast, with one of Europe’s principal ports, and its airport is the second largest in Spain. Founded as a Roman city, Barcelona is today an important cultural centre and became a major tourist destination after the 1992 World Olimpics. Particularly renowned are architectural works of Antoni Gaudí that have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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