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March 25, 2010

Ten Essential Things To Do When You Visit Barcelona

Barcelona is such a breathtaking city. If you are planning to target European cities as a vacation spot, Catalonias capital and Spains second largest city should be on the top of your visit list. Here, you have numerous beautiful places to see and explore and you will have a lot of activities to engage in to make the trip worth your while.A visit to Picasso Museum at the center of the city will mystify and amaze you with some of Picassos famous works. A must visit also is the Maritime Museum. An art enthusiast can find dozens of museums in Barcelona.If beaches are your thing, Barcelona has several to offer. Playa la Barcelona is just ten minutes away from central Barcelona. You could also opt for Sitges Beach which is outside the city.If you are looking for leisure time visit some of Barcelonas attraction parks like the one in Tibidabo or experience a three dimensional movie in IMAX Barcelona. If you have the extra time you can take a train for a one hour trip to an amusement park called Universals Port Aventura in Tarragona, a city near Barcelona. Take a ride in their roller coaster or enjoy the different country themes (China, Mexico, Polynesia, Mediterranean, and the Far West) that the park is offering.For a good night out, Barcelona has a lot of restaurants and bars. A nice dinner coupled with a glass of sparkling cava (local champagne) will prove to be a romantic evening. Try roaming through Port Vell where you will find Maremagnum Center for an array of shops, restaurants, cafs, pubs and bars. The Ribera, St. Gervasi and Gracia should also be considered.If you havent done your shopping check out Eixample for fashion shops and jewelry stores. The Pesseig de Gracia is also abounding with commercial galleries. You can also find two department stores with designer boutiques in the Diagonal area. In Placa de las Glories Catalanes is a flea market called Mercat de les Encants selling unique antiques and trinkets.

You will surely enjoy your Barcelona experience. Visit Barcelona!

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