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July 29, 2010

Spain’s Beautiful City: Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain is as irresistible a city as any of the great cities in Europe. Many of the tourists who go to Barcelona find themselves falling in love with the city and end up staying a month, a year, or even a decade. Like any other passionate relationship, however, romancing Barcelona requires time and commitment, and you cannot have either if you stay in a hotel. Hotel rates will break you, and hotel living will blinds you to the city’s charms. In the end, you will realize just as countless other travelers before you have realized that the most practical way to stay longer in Barcelona is to rent a holiday apartment.

There are many benefits to staying in an apartment. The first is that it allows you to save. The Barcelona hotel industry enjoys high occupancy rate the whole year round. This high demand for hotel rooms has bumped rates up, so much so that a double room at an average hotel will cost you somewhere between 130 to 200 Euros a night. Obviously, renting a flat is the most cost efficient option for the budget conscious traveler. Cost efficiency, however, is not the only merit to renting accommodation. Holiday flats in this place provide you with more privacy and self-catering facilities. You can have the modern amenities of home at your fingertips at a reasonable price. Moreover, holiday apartments in Barcelona give you more free rein in choosing your choice of temporary home. Do you want to be near the beach or the gallery area? No problem. There are many flats for you to choose from.

These apartments have been designed to keep the sun out throughout the day, so it is always very cool inside. The place has been recently renovated, and the beautiful antique ceiling has been retained. Charming living room with a large arc-style window and beautiful paintings on the walls leads into a separate dining space. Kitchen is quite big, and well equipped with all the utensils. There are 2 bedrooms, each one with a double bed, and 2 bathrooms. The marble bathroom in master bedroom is very spacious.

Before the advent of the computer and the internet, renting a place was not an easy task, and involved a lot of paperwork. But now, you can just email one of the agents specializing in short term or holiday rentals and have your pick of apartment to suit your needs. And renting flats are not just available in Barcelona.

You can go to other areas in Spain and have the same convenience. How about a visit to the Costa Brava in Sitges? Carnival is an especially wonderful time to rent an accommodation here. If you drive into the mountains, you can choose an accommodation in the countryside of Girona or Figueres. Another option is to visit the Dali museum and then drive on to the foothills of the Pyrenees. There you can rent a lovely rustic apartment and enjoy the mountains. There are also ski resorts that offer flats and you can indulge in your winter sports and then relax in your accommodation afterwards. If you don’t look forward to breaking a leg skiing, you can just take a walk in the countryside.

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