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June 26, 2010

Pick-pockets all over Barcelona!!!

How they act
One of the most famouse scams is the “shuffle game”. A person juggling 3 small boxes with a pea under one of them. You should guess where the pea is under, what you of course will fail. This is a very popular game where tourists lose all their money and possibly also some more of their belongings.
This game is organized in the way that there are some guys standing around watching at a player that is always winning money (of course he belongs to the group). And this is the manner how they then attract the tourist’s attention.

Most pick-pockets in Barcelona act in groups of more people. This means one is searching for tourists that don’t pay a lot of attention to where they leave their bags or standing around without knowing where to go or looking on a map searching for directions. Then this person will advise the others where the potential victim is walking along. The other members of the group will create distraction and so they manage it to steal peoples purses, wallets, cameras…

Also when getting out of a metro station don’t spend too much time looking around and searching for the right direction. It could happen to you that someone bumbs into you, on purpose. When you turn around to see who it was you might see a group of young girls talking and laughing and not paying attention to you. But after a bit something will distract your attention while one of them (probably standing behind you) will abstract your purse.

If it happens to you that some maybe strange looking man is losing his keys just in between your feet he probably belongs to a pickpocket group. This is the scam to distract your attention and while he picks up his keys another person will try to get your wallet out of your pocket.

Another scam is splashing a liquid that looks and smells like bird poo on persons walking down a street. A person “coincidental” walking behind will assure to have seen a bird flying over and offer to help them to clean their cloths in his apartment. Then in the entrance hall or lobby of his apartment he will help them to clean and also rob them their wallet and purse.

Street artists are also a very popular opportunity for pick-pocketing. While you are watching and admiring the spectacular artists posing on “La Rambla” there will always be some pick-pockets around taking people’s wallet, mobile phone, camera, etc.

General advices to prevent pick-pocketing
1. In restaurants, bars etc. don’t let your belongings on the table or out of your sight!
2. If someone bumbs into you better don’t let distract your attention!
3. Don’t trust people that are behaving very friendly! Barcelona’s residents usually are known as “cold”.
4. Take your purses and camera bags close or in front of you!
5. Carry only the amount of money with you that you really need and leave valuables and documents in the hotel safe.
6. Don’t take your haversack on your back, especially in the metro and statoins.
7. Watch out for distraction or theft scams – that’s the way how they start.
8. Avoid dark, isolated back streets.
9. Don’t leave your belongings out of sights or out of your attention when going to the beach!

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