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April 9, 2010

In Search of Hotels in Barcelona

About 2020 years ago, La Gran Encisera (the Great Enchantress) was named Cestrum after being captured by Romans. Today, Barcelona, as it is best known all over the globe, has transformed from the city conquered by other civilizations into a city of real historical value, avant-garde architecture, beautiful surroundings, amazing night life and subtle Latino Mediterranean feel.

Capital city of Catalonia, Spain, Barcelona is one of the most incredible and visited European cities in the world. With a population spanning over 4 million people (in the entire metropolitan area), Barcelona is without a doubt the city of countless marvels. Visiting such a desired and populated city, though, can be quite difficult, especially if there are lots of things to do and see and the time and budget are limited. But limited doesn’t mean impossible.

Taking into consideration all sorts of marketing strategies and trying their best to emphasize all possible competitive advantages, most Barcelona hotels compete in attractive offers regarding services, quality, price and location. And speaking of location, a huge problem concerning hotels in Barcelona, is how to do more things in a short time, moving as fast as possible. But if you think centered located Barcelona hotels might deserve some priority on your list, you should think again on this matter, because even if they are far placed, some hotels provide great transportation and guidance, besides welcoming its tourists with warmth and great services.

The best hotels in Barcelona can provide you with so much, just like the example given above. And if you think that in this European city “best” equals “high prices”, you should check that list again. Besides, being more affordable than other cities, Barcelona is also favored by frugal travelers that normally don’t spend more than 20 euros per day. For such economic tourists there are lots of hotels in Barcelona, like Hotel Jazz, that not only has low costs, but also provides quality and decent services. Also, with so many historic hotels in Barcelona, choosing a proper one to best suite one’s needs and financial possibilities and, also, one’s classic taste in medieval local history is another difficult thing to do. However, when staying at a Condes De Barcelona Hotel, you can’t get disappointed in any of such matters. Actually, almost anything convenient can be obtained out of hotels in Barcelona. For example, if you find yourself in a not so busy period looking for a room in a not so full Barcelona hotel, there are high chances to get one after bargaining for a better rate. Basically, there are no hotels in Barcelona that can not satisfy even the pickiest traveler.

Even though defying “best” is hard and subjective, saying “best” in matters of Barcelona hotels equals, at a given point, with a high star hotel. The four or five star Barcelona hotels, of course, even if they have steamy prices, they always make their clients happy with top class services like pool, fitness, tennis, sauna or impeccable room service. Some of the best hotels in Barcelona are: the Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel, located in the heart of Port Vell; Claris Hotel, which used to be a nineteenth-century neoclassical palace; Le Meridien Barcelona Hotel, located in the center of the city, close to the Liceo Opera House, the Museo Picasso and the Gothic Quarter; the Intercontinental Princess Sofia Hotel, which is close to the city’s exclusive shopping district; The Colon Hotel, overlooking the Cathedral of Barcelona; the Expo Barcelona Hotel, which is in the heart of the business district.

Another thing to be taken into consideration is deciding on one or two hotels, located in different areas, the purpose being that if you stay in the city for more than 4 days, you can check out other Barcelona hotels and, also, get to visit more places in a record time.

Barcelona hotels can make a big difference while visiting or just going away on business in the Spanish metropolis. But as big as the difference can get, the difficult it is to actually choose a hotel, especially if never having visited Barcelona before. So, at a given point, the matter of choice in Barcelona hotels can be tricky if you haven’t thought of some priorities before leaving home. Actually, hotels in Barcelona are tricky even if you did think of something. Looking for the best offer you encounter so many possibilities that you find it harder to make up your mind. Sure, not all Barcelona hotels are accessible, nor are they all as you wish them to be, but the Barcelona hotels market is so vast, that everything will seem attractive enough to be taken into consideration.

The purpose of this article was to point out some Barcelona hotels worthy to be looked over while you, the traveler, find it difficult to decide on what is best. Freedom of choice does pose some difficulties when so many options shift before your eyes. The hotels in Barcelona make no exception and offer an interesting experience just by taking a look at the various offers, not to mention by spending a few days in some of them.

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