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March 23, 2010

How To Get Around The Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport is the primary entrance into Spain via the air. It is known as El Prat. Since it is so close to the center of the city it is a great place to come in at any time of the year. Since the rates are now so low it is becoming easier to fly and vacation year round as opposed to just during the summer months. This has lead to more visitors and fliers into the city. There are many options for transportation from and to the airport to make it easier to get back and forth to the airport. Some of your options include taxi, rental car and bus.

Suggestions For Getting To And From The Airport

We all have different methods that we prefer to use when we leave the airport. We will explore what some of these are and how to best procure them to get the transport that you want to use.

* Rental Car- If you are looking to be self reliant and want to be able to maximize your time while in Barcelona then a rental car is probably your best option. To keep you moving from place to place and keep you on time for all of your meetings you should choose to use a rental car.

* Taxi- If you enjoy the feeling of being driven around from place to place then this is the mode for you. You will also like the feeling of being chauffeured around town. However there may be a wait and you will not necessarily have immediate service for your needs.

* Train- This is a great mode of transportation with many stops and pick up locations. There are always trains running and they have times available from 6 AM until 11:30 PM. This is a fairly inexpensive mode of transportation to use.

* Bus- This is located in front of the A and B terminals at the airport. Many of the times are similar to those that are used by the train. This is known as the aero-bus and can be a very efficient means of transport.

* Private transfers- This is essentially a limousine service to use while you are in the city. It is used primarily by people who are looking for private tours or those that are looking to find special trips in a private car around the city.

All of these services are available at the Barcelona airport as well as providing information booths throughout the airport for all f the customers.

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