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April 21, 2010

How to Find the Best Restaurants in Barcelona

A Tour of Spain

Although Catalan cuisine is considered world-class, Spanish regional cooking is nothing to laugh at. And if you can’t make it to all the corners of the country, try some of the regional centers throughout Barcelona which let you sample the unique gastronomy from north to south. The Casa Gallega (Galician House) on La Rambla, 35, serves up some of the regions finest shellfish with their famous Albariño wine, a chilled white that is quickly become world-famous. Wines of a different hue take center stage at Casa de la Rioja, (c/Peu de la Creu, 8) which also features specialties such as marinated anchovies and broad beans with cuttlefish. Finally, for some world-class tapas without stepping foot in San Sebastian, head to the Centre Cultural Euskal Etxea (Placesta Montcada, 1) where you can find amazing octopus, slabs of award-winning idiazabal cheese and eggs with prawns.

Gourmet on a budget

Barcelona is nothing if not über-trendy, but the latest craze has less to do with gels and foams than with pocket-friendly meals. “Bistronomia” is the newest sensation in the city, and it refers to “bistro” meals, which are traditional dishes, and “gastronomia,” which are the avant-garde techniques used to make them. And with highly trained chefs creating inventive dishes at half the price of Michelin-starred restaurants, here’s hoping this trend is here to stay. Try Embat (c/Mallorca, 304) where the décor is nonexistent but the lunch menu, featuring fresh cheese ravioli with lemon and bacon, is divine. Or head to Hisop, (Passatge Marimón, 9) where the chefs seem right out of Ferran Adrià’s kitchen. Dishes such as grilled clam in thyme foam and blood orange emulsion with tuna will make you wonder how you’re paying less than €30. Finally, try Gresca, (c/Provença, 230), where the simplest ingredients are transformed by amazing techniques.

Just Desserts

If you’re the type to rush through a meal just to get to dessert, you’ll be in heaven at Espai Sucre (c/Princesa, 53). But be warned – these are not your typical cakes or ice creams. Here’s you’ll find three- and five-course tasting menus featuring everything from salty toffee cream with smoked whiskey; extra-virgin olive-oil cake with white peaches and green olives or a combination of cold raspberry sorbet, hibiscus soup, rose ice, tomato foam and red wine gel. “Salads” include cubes of spicy milk pudding on green apple, lettuce and toffee. Each dish comes with a wine recommendation, and there is a small menu with non-dessert items as well. Don’t be scared by the combinations; they might seem unusual at first, but your palate will thank you later. Be sure to call ahead for reservations, the place only seats 30 and is quite popular.

Being in the Catalan capital it seems only right that you should try the local cuisine. The best examples you’re likely to find can be found along Diagonal and the Ramblas, although these tend to be quite pricey.

For something a little more affordable you need to veer off the beaten track. Our Barcelona restaurants guide, has been designed with your needs in mind, you can search for any restaurant by name, type of cuisine or specialty, area of Barcelona or price you intend to spend.

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