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April 11, 2010

How to Choose the Best Accommodation in Barcelona

Like any other famous tourist destination Barcelona has a lot to offer in terms of accommodation. There are many alternatives like hotels, hostels, campsites and holiday apartments, all of them providing both advantages and disadvantages depending on your particular situation and on the season or period of the year.

In the case of hotels, there are countless options ranging from one to five stars. Every hotel has its own particular style; there are fancy, luxurious hotels as well as funky, fashionable ones or simply traditional hotels, and lets face it, there are also crappy ones. Most of the hotels offer a wide range of services and comforts and in general terms, and as stated on the web page of Turisme de Barcelona (Barcelona Tourism) “Since the 1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona has had an extensive, top-quality hotel infrastructure”. The most common problems with hotels are their prices, that usually tend to be higher than the prices of other options, and the booking that is not always easy.

In terms of Hostels, there are approximately ten, not many to choose from. Most of them are located in the vicinity of the old city. Almost all the hostels require guests to rent sheets and some of them lock their doors in the early hours. The general disadvantages of hostels are well known, for example lack of privacy and bathroom sharing are the main issues when analyzing this option. Another problem hostels have is the lack of booking therefore clients have to take the risk of not finding a bed, specially in high season. Prices are its key point but still there isn’t a good price value relationship.

Moving to campsites, there is a fair number of facilities on the outskirts of Barcelona near to areas of natural interest and beaches. Their main problems are location and opening season. The nearest campsite is nine kilometers south-west of the city center and most of them aren’t open all year round but just during the summer.

Finally, Barcelona has a wide range of holiday apartments to rent with all the facilities of home. Usually a holiday apartment in Barcelona is fully equipped and provides bed linen and towels. The apartment in Barcelona can be located in any zone of the city the client desires because there are many companies offering an endless number of flats all over the city. To rent an apartment in Barcelona is easy due to the fact that most of the short tenancy companies work on the Internet. The most known disadvantage of this type of accommodation is that some companies aren’t serious enough and tend to overbook the apartments.

Finding the right place in Barcelona is not an easy task thanks to the huge amounts of information the guest has to analyze beforehand. Just try to place yourself in one of the segments mentioned above, study its advantages as well as its disadvantages and surely the job will be easier.

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