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May 12, 2010

Holiday-makers Should be Cautious When Hiring a Car Abroad

With the tourist season at its peak, holiday-makers should be wary when collecting a car at their destination and only book with certified car rental companies. People planning on hiring a car abroad are advised to be careful when dealing with local car operators as it could be too much risk for a tourist expecting a relaxing vacation.

According to rumours, cheaper rates are available locally, however this will only be valid in low-season or if the local company has incorrectly calculated its inventory. In high-season it will be almost impossible to rent a car, especially in the large coastal resorts and popular destinations such as Barcelona, Alicante and Mallorca.

It’s important to be cautious of local car rental firms that offer large discounts. This could be a gamble and ruin your vacation:

- Choices of cars are limited

- Cars are often older models that may not be well maintained

- It’s unlikely that there will be a helpline if anything goes wrong

- If there is a legal problem there will be limited support or advice

- If the car breaks down or is involved in an accident then a replacement is unlikely

- Some local car rental companies have limited legal terms and require trust from both parties – only advised for the experienced

Travellers should also be aware that local dealers will often drive customers to collect the car from their personal garage. This can disorientate inexperienced tourists in a foreign country, and could be dangerous for women.

It’s recommended that all tourists book cars in advance in order to get availability and to be sure that the service is being provided by a certified company.

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