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June 20, 2010

Great Places To Stay In Barcelona

A most populous and the capital city of Catalonia – Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the major economic center. It is one of the most lively and elegant cities in the world. The city has much more to see and offer from the historical buildings to skyscrapers, beaches, parks and museums bars, restaurant and typical Catalan dishes. The city has the honor of having the second largest airport in Spain.

Barcelona has a very strong historical background. It is still astonishing that such a dynamic and modern city still preserves its history. The traces of it can be seen in the Museum, which houses many relics. As it has a Mediterranean type of climate with dry winters and warm, humid summers the best time to visit this place is in the onset of summer or spring.

The city has many commercial complexes around 68 municipal parks of which 6 are forest parks, 45 urban parks 12 historic parks and 5 thematic parks. The Montjuic Park is the largest one, which is situated on a mountain. The ciutadella Park has several museums, zoo and the parliament building. The park itself is built on an old military citadel.

Barcelona is known for its fashion fiesta, food and fun, the city sizzles with the events happening round the year, discotheques, concerts, Shows, bars. Night is buzzing in Barcelona with its vibrant and lively cultural activities and amusement. Beaches in Barcelona are most happening places.

The oldest and the most visited beaches are separated by other beaches from the Olympic port. These beaches have pristine beauty and panoramic view and are the most popular leisure spaces.

The tryst with the city is incomplete without seeing the museums. There are many museums, which cover many areas and time period. These museums give you the complete picture of the city, lifestyle, civilization of the past and the development in the present.

It has all the track records of the events in chronological order and the historical figures. Sports in Barcelona are the center of attraction and the first choice of every individual. The FC Barcelona is the world famous sports club well known for its football team all over the world. It has successful hosted several grand sports event of football world cup, XFINA world championship, Eurobasket and the most coveted event the Olympics. Being in this city you will experience the modernity with the tinge of ethnicity.

In the friendly hotels in Barcelona you will find the world-class accommodation and services. It is more due to the tourist-oriented nature of the city, that you can find a hotel that is suitable for every budget. Restaurants in Barcelona offer some of the finest delicacies that make their way from around the globe.

It is such an advantage for the international visitors that they can find the best of culinary from their continent right in the restaurants of the city. The luxury hotels in the city offer air-conditioned rooms, health clubs and spas, airport pickup and drop facility, car rentals and many more services. It is best to make prior reservations before making your way to the city to avoid last minute hassles

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