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June 7, 2010

Great ideas for weekend vacations

The popularity of weekend vacations is growing. Everyone needs from time to time a break; relaxing is “a must for everyone”. The key for an enjoyable weekend vacation is to get rid of all your sorrows. There is plenty of choice in getaways and for every budget. Here are a few ideas which may help you to choose a suitable weekend vacation for you:


If you want planning a weekend vacation abroad; maybe is a city a good suggestion for you. There are plenty of suitable destinations for a weekend vacation but it is preferable to search one which is located not too far from your hometown because you have only a few days. Paris, London, Venice, Prague, Vienna, Barcelona, Rome are popular destinations in Europe. These destinations are excellent for a weekend vacation because you can walk through these cities and enjoying of the beauty of the architecture of the buildings.

These cities offer you many possibilities to relax and create romance. A boat trip on the Seine of Paris, walking across the bridge of Sighs in Venice, sitting next the Trevi Fontain in Rome where you can enjoy the beautiful sights and afterwards you can go walking from there to the Spanish Steps, a gondola boat trip in Venice, enjoying of the beautiful music in Vienna and maybe walking through the beautiful gardens of Schonbrunn are some activities you can do in these wonderful cities and give you time to relax.


Most people enjoy dinner outside and a gastronomic weekend can be a good idea for a weekend break. You can start the day with a large breakfast, possible a morning buffet with croissants and all kinds of food you can imagine. During the day you have possibilities for walking, cycling or other entertainment activities for burning the extra calories.

Maybe they offer you at noon a buffet with soup, different kinds of meat, fish and some local products. After your meal you can spend your afternoon with activities you like. You can go walking in the woods or in a park but maybe they offer also possibilities for hiking, fishing, taking a boat trip or some other activities. It depends also of the season you choose for your gastronomic weekend. In the evening they offer you mostly a 4-5 or even more course gastronomic dinner with different wines, champagne or other drinks.


You don’t need to be going abroad for a weekend vacation; you have many possibilities in your hometown. A weekend vacation at the beach is an

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