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March 27, 2010

Granada Airport, Car Hire

You need to do quite a bit of planning if you want to travel around the picturesque town of Granada and to make your trip here a grand success. Cheap car hire at Granada Airport is the easiest way to put an end to all your transportation woes during your stay here. All in all, make sure that all your traveling needs are taken care of while booking with any company. One good thing is that most of the car hire companies in Granada belong to the big well established car hire groups in Spain/Europe so you can rely on their advice while booking your vehicle. Being a very important tourist spot in Spain, most of the Granada based car hire agencies have a dedicated, bi-lingual (at least) staff, offering efficient the customer services to take care of your traveling plans personally, so you don’t need to worry about the response.Finding a reliable and trustworthy car hire at Granada Airport offering good cars at reasonable prices is possible if you keep the following points in your mind while heading for a Granada car hire.

Some things you would probably overlook while booking a car from the Granada Airport:

Book in advance: Compare the car hire prices on internet or with your local travel agency and booking well in advance.

Air-conditioning: Though the weather is usually favorable, Granada is quite warm especially during the summers. So be sure to book yourself an air-conditioned car if you plan to visit this place during the summers.

Be Descriptive while making an inquiry: Be sure to get full details of your hired car with respect to luggage space, seating capacity, leg room, baby seat etc, ask the exact details for children under 12 years of age. The present trend in the car hire market is such that, you could choose from a wide range of car models as per your requirements within your thought budget.

Extra drivers: In case more than one person is driving, confirm with your car hire company if there is an additional price for additional drivers.

Driving requirements: While making an enquiry don’t forget to mention the details of your drivers license, and be sure to ask what all documents would you need to carry if you wish to drive.

Insurance: Insurance is another important fact which you should clear with your car hire provider. Apart from this be sure to enquire about the mileage in case you are renting a car for on a long-term basis and any possible hidden costs that the company might include to make your car hire with them more flattering.

Granada Airport:

The Granada airport, 17 kilometres outside the city on the Malaga highway, serves this Andalusia area well in combination with the other airports around and with the connecting flights to Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid. Being well located, if you ever have any problems flying into the Malaga or Almeria Airport, this one serves as a good option.

With the constantly increasing number of tourists from all over the world for their vacations; the Granada Airport in Spain is being maintained pretty well to handle this influx of travelers. The airport is well served with several restaurants, cafes, information desks and last minute airport car hire booths. The standard of airport services is that of an international airport even though Granada airport is not one. Basically, you will find all that you need at the airport.

Transportation from the Airport:

Once you have landed at the Granada airport, the best way out is a pre-booked airport transfer from Granada airport to the city. Incase you did not put a car hire on your trip itinerary, don’t worry you will find all the major car hire companies with their fleet of all types of cars at easily affordable prices.

Other modes of transportations include taxis, and bus services information on which can be found at the concerned desks.

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