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April 9, 2010

Getting Married In Barcelona

When it comes to getting married, it is not so much anymore about the people who are invited to the wedding, but rather about where you get married. There are so many cliches surrounding this topic which usually results in images of beach sunsets, gondolas and white doves. Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding and Barcelona is the perfect place for this without having to get too cliched.

Traditional weddings are not as expected as they were a few decades ago. Today’s couples are more interested in having a wedding that they will remember, as opposed to having a huge gathering to please family members and friends. At the end of the day, if you are getting married, the day should be all about you and what you want your wedding to be.

Where most weddings are over in just a few hours, a wedding in Barcelona will allow you to enjoy days of fun, sun and sightseeing. In essence, your honeymoon starts as soon as you get on the plane to go to Barcelona even before the actual wedding.

Barcelona has everything for a couple who is planning on tying the knot. The city is unlike any other city. Whereas many exotic cities do not have the infrastructure of First World cities, Barcelona has all the transport and tourist infrastructure to cater for any dream wedding no matter how big the wedding party. There are very few places like Barcelona where one can find holiday apartments that will be able to accommodate anyone’s needs.

The best thing that Barcelona offers couples and whole wedding parties are resort facilities. These resorts offer some of the best Barcelona accommodation. They combine the luxury of the highest levels of hospitality with the magic of one of the last truly Mediterranean cultures.

If those attending the wedding wish to stay on in Barcelona, there is plenty for them to do. You do not have to feel that you have to babysit your friends and family. The city is packed with all the amenities one would expect from a world city and is also steeped in deep culture and heritage. They have a choice of staying in the finest hotels, B&Bs, holiday resorts of even holiday apartments. These holiday apartments come in both self-catering and non.

So, before deciding on where to go for your wedding, maybe you should look past the traditional favourites like Hawaii or Mauritius and think seriously about tying the knot in Barcelona. The city has everything you need to plan the perfect wedding that you will remember far into the future. The best thing that you can do is to find the right accommodation, holiday apartment or hotel in Barcelona that you can use as a base. The place does not have to be too expensive just comfortable enough that you can return to your room to relax after a long day of seeing the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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