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July 25, 2010

Forget Hotels-A New Twist On An Old City-Barcelona

If you always find it a chore to find a hotel when you travel, especially to a large city such as Barcelona, this article will be of great interest to you. There is a great solution to finding flights, transportation, hotels and even a stay in a wonderful theme park, from the moment you arrive in Barcelona, if you read on.

Barcelona, Spain has a wide variety of lodging options to offer the traveler. These can range from top five star hotels to camp sites, and everything in between, such as less expensive hotels, hostels and apartments. If you have decided on Barcelona for your holiday destination, here is an itinerary that will introduce you to this beautiful city and all of culture, art and architecture it has. This is an interesting trip that you are sure to enjoy.

Upon arrival at “El Prat”, Barcelona’s main airport, obtain a special transfer to a wonderful theme park called “Port Aventura”. There you can stay in a beautiful four star hotel. If you want to travel outside of Barcelona, you can rent a car right at Port Aventura at special rates that Europcar offers to visitors to the theme park. Each hotel offers packages that include breakfast, admission to Port Aventura and the Carribean themed water park, Caribe Aquatic Park. Each hotel has its own unique theme: Portaventura Hotel is decorated in Mediterranean colonial style, El Paso Hotel is done in Mexican pre-Colombian motif and the Caribe Port hotel offers the largest white sand surrounded swimming pool in the world. Each of these hotels offers an experience you will not even find at the top waterfront hotels in the city. The prices for the Port Aventura hotels are competitive: during category “A”, the high season, two days at the theme parks and one night at the hotel is EU218 for a single, EU136 each for a double and EU68 extra for a child. There are offers available for four in a room, and longer stay discounts. In the low season, which is still very pleasant in Barcelona, a double can be obtained for EU84 with EU 42 for a child. A beautiful hotel in the heart of Barcelona at these prices! You can enjoy relaxing at the hotel, visit the theme parks and tour the city from this convenient location.

If you want to enjoy the most extravagent hotel the city of Barcelona has to offer, and don’t mind breaking the bank to do so, try the Art Hotel. In any one of the sumptuous rooms in this hotel, you will have a splendid view of the marina and port area, whether you opt for a suite, double room, or luxurious duplex apartment. If you want to be spoiled and catered to, you cannot find a better place. The staff is professional and friendly, and the amenities are unbelievable. For added decadence, treat yourself to dinner at the hotel’s Goyescas restaurant. There you will be tempted by gourmet house specialities and the wine steward is sure to recommend a splendid bottle of wine to complement your dinner.

Barcelona is a world renowned city for fine lodging and gastronomy. So much so, that the city of Barcelona declared the tourist year March 2005 to March 2006 as the year of Catalunya and its food products. A number of very good restaurants and gourmet shops specialize in these products and are located near the hotels we have just discussed. Be sure to try Can Ravell, a very special delicatessen, and Club del Gourmet, which specializes in coffee, tea and sweets.

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