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June 23, 2010

Falling in love with Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most wow, brilliant city in Spain. Barcelonas general approach in life usually follows the trendiest and latest international tendencies like fashion and fads up to architectural design. That is why Barcelona is called the city of constant renewal.


Barcelonas nightlife rocks! It is steaming with so much activity such as concerts, disco and parties with lovely ladies and charming men. You will love their music with your choice from tourist techno trash to jazz. These bars are usually open until 3 a.m. but some bars stay as late until 5 a.m.


Barcelona has the third largest and impressive football stadium worldwide. This is an evidence of Barcelonas passion for football. Barcelona Camp Nou accommodates up to 110,000 shouting and excited audience during its game. Tickets are reserved and bought in advance to ensure that you can watch the game. It was quiet exhilarating being in the stadium and shouting for your favorite team. I could imagine my football heroes David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo making a goal across the field. The football mania in the city is unstoppable!


Barcelona has a very punctual metro transportation that could conduct you to most of the fantastic sight in the city. The official taxi with its standard black and yellow color would really make you feel safe hiring it twenty four hours a day. But walking is advisable for the city has bustling pedestrianized walkways.


Getting the best hotel that gives great value for your money like the Sun and Moon Hostal Barcelona is a big bonus for the pocket. Imagine! A spectacular room in Barcelona Spain hotel good for six to eight people with superb amenities like very new safety boxes to keep your things.Just really fantastic!!


Barcelona took my heart on my very first night. What a heart pulsating experience I had with Barcelonas pedestrianized pavements. With my shouting spree at the stadium and the all night parties I had. Definitely I will go back to experience it all over again, here in Barcelona.

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