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July 10, 2010

Celebrate the Merce Festival in Barcelona with ART

Barcelona September 13, 2006

24th of September marks the start of a week’s celebration in honor of the Patron Saint of Barcelona, the Mare de Deu de la Merce. Every year the festival puts together groups of musicians from all over the world which perform live in various locations of the city, Plaza del Forum, Avenida de la Catedral, Rambla del Rayal, el Moll de la Fusta, Plaza Catalunya, amongst other areas, transforming the streets into the largest party area of the region.

The Festival officially took place for the first time in 1902, and since then, at the end of September the town bids summer goodbye with a bang and welcomes the cooler months of autumn, through a fantastic blend of tradition, innovation and entertainment. It has become the greatest event on Barcelona’s festival calendar in a true Mediterranean fashion.

As the climate allows celebrations to take place outdoors, there are a number of different activities that satisfy all tastes spread in different locations. Although most of the events, about 500 around the city, are carefully wrapped until the last moment, be certain that you’ll be doing something that involves music, fun, colors, games and constant smile on your face.

Nevertheless, as tradition is one of the key words, a game held every year will remain for 2006, Castells, the human tower. It is one of the highlights, as it is an admirable demonstration of agility, balance and teamwork.

In line with Barcelona’s cultural development you’ll come across figures such as the Gegantes and the Capgrossos that stroll about, representing the Catalan city halls. To accompany them, in the fun parade, are street artists that provoke laughter and surprise through their theatrical and traveling music acts in a colorful pyrotechnic display.

This part of the event has been known to captivate the children the most as they love dynamic displays that play with their imagination, specially the dragons and giants. The audience also participates and interacts with the funny figures, mainly the devils that chase those “foolish” enough to get in their way.

If you are in to good food and fine wine, this event is also for you. Food and wine shows run throughout the festival showcasing local products. Allowing you to taste and buy the best Catalonia has to offer.

Indispensable to these celebrations are the devilish colorful spit fire figures, the Correfocs that precede the most expected spectacle of the Merce Festival, the Piromusical show. The sky is filled with lights and colors thrown together with quality music that create an amazing audio-visual experience. Also animating the skies, you’ll tire your neck catching a glimpse of static hot air balloons, kit displays and other aerial exhibitions that take place throughout the festival on the city’s beaches.

A big music celebrity is usually brought for the festival’s grad finale. For 2005 the spot light went to a local singer and composer Pep Sala, who had the chance to honorably close out La Merce.

And for visitors not to miss a thing, during the weekend of the 24th, transports are out and about 24/7. It is actually the best bet as the streets will be filled with events, parades, fire runs and many people.

It is the perfect opportunity for tourists to feel the true spirit of Barcelona at its best and most colorful dress. The vibrant festival filled with unique spectacles, brig entertainment and something new to all ages, along with the chance to discover a wonderful city.

About Barcelona

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, not only in size but also in population. It is the capital of Catalonia, one of the seventeen Autonomous Communities that make up country that lies along a privileged position of the Mediterranean, on the northern coast of Iberia.

To begin, however, you’ll want to take in the artistic and intellectual aura of this unique seafaring city. Residents take justifiable pride in their Catalan heritage, and are eager to share it. Many of these sights can be covered on foot, and this section includes a walking tour of the Old Town.

Besides its geographical location, the cultural, historical and traditional influences make Barcelona unequivocally Mediterranean and multi-faceted. Not only is it rich in history, it has transformed itself into one of the most dynamic and stylish cities in the world.

Filled with landmark buildings and world-class museums, you’ll find fascinating; Antoni Gaudi’s famed Sagrada Familia, the Museu Picasso, the Gothic cathedral, and Les Ramblas, the tree-lined promenade cutting through the heart of the old quarter.

Summer is synonym to serious partying and for the rest of the year, visitors will be blown away as Barcelona is on the biting edge of architecture, food, fashion, style and music.

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