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May 14, 2010

Car Hire – a Guide to Driving in Almería

Nestled in the South-western region of Andalucía, is the rapidly emerging city of Almería. Compared to some of Spain’s other capitals such as Seville, Madrid or Barcelona; Almería has been relatively overlooked by many tourists – this however has changed considerably over the past decade or so.

Almería has experienced a somewhat turbulent past, suffering the brunt of four major earthquakes, notably the earthquake of 1522 which left the city in near ruins. The city was also victim to countless raids from pirate forces which has led to some of the interesting architectural quirks that can be seen today.

The city’s cathedral for instance, is both Gothic and Renaissance in appearance yet has a distinguishing fortress exterior, this is extenuated with the presence of its corner towers which were once home to canons. Today the cathedral houses a great variety of priceless art including paintings, a statue and a great alter amongst other pieces.

The city is crowned by the glorious Alcazaba, an Arabian fortress bested only be the magnificently preserved Alhambra palace.

The main part of the city has a great sense of charm to it and its meandering quaint streets, fine museums and gastronomic delights are almost begging to be explored.

The regions charm does not end at the city’s borders though, in fact for those who choose to hire a car and venture out of the city will be in for some particularly rewarding sight seeing gems.

Notably there is the small picturesque town of Mojacar, roughly 50 miles from the city. With its cobbled streets and white-washed houses, Mojacar is a popular yet unspoilt resort for artists and couples alike.

The small village of Tabernas, about 20 miles north of Almería is a favourite with movie buffs as its isolated arid landscape made it the perfect setting for many popular spaghetti westerns. Today they are a few resorts devoted to such films.

As you can see there is a great deal to see both in and out of the city. Car hire in Almeria is easily arranged online, with a wealth of agencies offering cheap car hire in Almeria. For the best Almeria car hire quote then the use of an online comparison site is recommended.

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