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June 19, 2010

Budget Barcelona – ways to save money in the Catalan Capital.

With so many low-cost airlines offering cheap flights to Barcelona, if you book well in advance and generally avoid Friday to Mondays, you can get some amazing deals. So why should the savings stop there? Here are some tips for those on a tighter budget to still enjoy all the city has to offer without spending a fortune.

The first chunk out of your budget will go on accommodation. It’s still better to stay inn the city centre and avoid the cheaper options on the outskirts, as you will spend more time and money coming into the city centre each day, and have longer to get back home when you’ve finished. There are some very clean hostels in the city centre where you can get a bunk, locker, internet access and a coffee in the morning for as low as 19 Euros per night. If sharing isn’t to your taste, then the many tourist apartments on offer can offer you a 2 bedroom apartment for as little as 80 Euros.

The best way to visit Barcelona is on foot, and walking is free! Take some comfortable shoes, as you will walk, believe me! The out-of-the-way sights can be seen on the tourist bus, but why bother – the metro system in Barcelona is really easy to navigate and has stops in all the right places. You can buy a ticket with 10 journeys (transferable between people, too) and this lasts over the time you’re here (it lasts for 1 month), so if you don’t use the metro on the following day, it doesn’t run out.

There are many free things to do and see in Barcelona – a walk and a picnic in the botanical gardens of Montjuic is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon or morning. Another beautiful park is the Cuitadella or “garden of Barcelona” – especially good on a Sunday when immigrants prepare home-cooked delights and music is provided by clusters of bongo players.

On an evening, steer clear of the bars on Las Ramblas, and try the local bars, with the local brews – a much cheaper option than paying for the continental beers. You could take a trip to the Magic Fountains at Plaça Espanya, too – an amazing spectacle (make sure you have space on your camera!).

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