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July 3, 2010

Bio Fuels Take Food Off My Plate

The changing of existing crops to bio fuels from existing farmers or the creation of new opportunities for some farmers is leading to jobs and increased prosperity for some, but they are also helping to push up the price of bread in London, tortillas in Mexico City and beer in Barcelona. Food aid for the poorest people in Africa, pork in China and beef in Britain are all more expensive.What about my pennies? This increased use of food for fuel is leading to record prices for maize, as the demand increases so does the cost. Warburtons my favorite bread in the whole world will have to pay more for wheat which will then passed onto good old me! Could the days of a 20 pence supermarket own branded loaves that I ate as a student be over? And its not just bread that is effected, my bacon butties will get more expenssive as pigs are fed mainly on grain.The immediate best bet is that countries that are new to the EU such as Poland and the Ukraine will grow more food for export as they have a bigger market with more demand.
This at least will lead to my bacon butties remaining affordable and keep a smile on my face.

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