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August 23, 2010

Beware Barcelona Spain

Beware. Barcelona Spain is habit forming. This fascinating city will make you unwilling to leave and return home. You will be sure that there is some nook or cranny where you have missed something very special, and you probably have. Most people don’t even use maps; they just walk or meander around the city seeing the sights. There is always a unique and fabulous opportunity just waiting for you to find it around the next corner.

First let’s talk about the food. You can eat as late as you want. Most restaurants don’t really get busy until after 8:30. Of course, there is traditional fare with local produce, fish and game. You will also find Basque cuisine and trendy places where you will have food almost too beautiful to eat. Everything tastes wonderful and you will not find a lot of cookie cutter places. Each place is different, unique and wonderful.

Shopping is terrific. Even places that look small and uninteresting contain incredible items if you give the store a chance and walk in. You will find everything from traditional Spanish furniture, clothes, and other collectors’ items. You will also find lovely jewelry and other accessories in shops across Barcelona.

We have to talk architecture when we visit Barcelona. The city is a maze of streets especially in the Gothic Quarter. You will want to spend days seeing all the sights here. As you can tell by the name, the architecture is Gothic, intimidating, and very old. There are several Cathedrals worth a visit. I would suggest walking as this is the best way to see this part of the city.

Three world famous Surrealist painters, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Joan Miro once called Barcelona Spain home and the art here reflects that. In contrast, almost unthinkably, bullfighting is still practiced here but that violent tradition is coming under attack not only from abroad, but domestically as well. Despite this one black mark in the eyes of many, Barcelona is a gorgeous city full of life.

Barcelona is a city full of interesting people, wonderful food, great architecture, and enjoyable shopping. Remember if you visit Barcelona, you may never want to come home.

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