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April 6, 2010

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Barcelona is the capital of the Spanish city of Cataluna and the province of the same name as well as the region of Barcelona, in northeastern Spain. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, about 120 km south of the mountain in the Pyrenees and the border with France, in a plain bounded by the sea, east, the coastal mountains, to the west, Llobregat River to the south, and Bess river to the north.

With a population of 1,595,110 inhabitants, Barcelona is the second most populous city in Spain and the tenth of the European Union. The Barcelona metropolitan area, which comprises 36 municipalities, has a population of 3,161,081 inhabitants and an area of 633 sq. km. The metropolitan area of Barcelona is the delimitation officially defined as urban core, however it would be included in the urban region of Barcelona, which would extend throughout the catchment area of the city, with 4,841,365 people with a density population of 1,496 inhabitants / km.

Barcelona has been the scene of several global events that helped shape the city and give international projection. The most significant has been the Universal Exhibition of 1888 and 1929, and the Summer Games of 1992.

Barcelona is a city eminently sports, both to practice physical activities like to see top-level sporting events.

Sports facilities

The city, which hosted the Olympics in 1992, is equipped with a complete network of municipal sports centers, in addition to private schools, facilitate the practice of physical exercise. According to recent studies, Barcelona is the most European city with practitioners of sport, and the second in the world after Boston (United States). Moreover, the terrain of the city, its climate, and local politics to create bike lanes has proliferated cycling as a means of transport. It is also common to the use of skates on wheels, especially in the area of the Olympic Village and Old City, where there are also different skater-parks. “

The fact that Barcelona is a maritime city also makes the sea and the beaches leisure and sporting activity, allowing play different sports on sand. Moreover, the opening of the Olympic Port and the remodeling of the Old Port, in 1992, and the recent inauguration of the new marina San Adrin de Besos, in the area of Forum 2004, has encouraged the practice of sports.

Moreover, the city offers the opportunity to participate in a lot of sports competitions in the streets. The most popular are the career of El Corte Ingles (with an average of 60,000 participants annually), the Carrera de la Merced, Career Fire, Career Jean Bouin, the Barcelona Marathon, Mile Sagrada Familia, the San Silvestre Barcelonesa , the Feast of the bike, Harbour Crossing Christmas, or the Feast of skates. In addition, the summer months are organized various sports competitions on the beaches of the city.

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