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August 11, 2010

Best summer travel destinations for seniors

As you gat a little older, want you want from your holidays changes. Sun, sea and sand are still often welcome, but history and places of interest become more desirable. Nowhere better to scratch this itch is Europe. It is difficult to go anywhere in Europe without tripping over millennia of history. But that is not all there is to Europe, there are some of the most exciting and modern cities to visit amongst its ancient gems. If you want a trip that seamlessly blends the old with the new, there is nowhere better to visit. My own top ten places to visit in Europe are:

1. London

This vast metropolis has to be the first city of Europe. You could spend a year here and not see everything nor get bored. It’s been said that when you tire of London, you tire of life. Never has this been more true, with the regenerated South Bank including Shakespeare’s original theatre, the Globe, the transformed power station which is now a wonderful (free) modern art gallery, the festival hall and so much more. There are South Kensington’s museums, unrivalled in all the world. The royal parks are magnificent, as are the palaces and royal homes. On top of this is a thriving street life, markets and extensive shopping. The Nightlife with its myriad of clubs, bars, restaurants and theatre ensures there is something for everyone. Probably the only truly cosmopolitan city in the world.

2. Amsterdam

Picture postcard pretty with beautiful buildings lining tree lined canals, it cannot rival London for size or variety but it has its own special appeal. The Dutch are one of the friendliest races in Europe. To add to the appeal is the magnificent Indonesian restaurants all around town. Probably most famous for its red light district and liberal attitude to prostitution, it would be a shame if you allowed that to prevent you discovering the secret pleasures that Amsterdam yields.

3. Barcelona

The Catalan capital. Barcelona is fiercely Catalan (spanish is the second language) and is rightly proud of its heritage. A beautiful coastal town provides all the facilities of a city with a beach holiday. Great Tapas, as you might expect, and a range of spanish and Catalan restaurants to choose from. The colourful ramblas runs through the heart of the city and is lined with stalls selling animals, especially birds. The Sagrada Familia, Anton Gaudi’s still unfinished church is the jewel in Barcelona’s crown. With the famous mountain funfair, the Tribidabo, the kids will be kept happy too.

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