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August 2, 2010

Bed And Breakfast Barcelona Style

Face it. Vacations abroad are expensive. If they weren’t, a quarter of the world’s population would be flocking to Europe for the holidays. The biggest chunk of your vacation expense goes to lodging. You could scrimp on transportation, shopping, and even on food. You find it close to impossible, however, to do the same on accommodations. So, what do you do? Forego seeing Gaudi’s cathedral this year?

Rather than cancel this year’s trip to Spain, why not just cancel that hotel reservation instead? You can stay at a bed and breakfast in Barcelona for only a fraction of the price of a regular hotel room.

Thrills for Thin Travel Checks

You can’t get cheaper lodgings than a bed and breakfast in Barcelona. A typical bed and breakfast in Barcelona will set you back around 60% less than what you would usually pay for the most spartan of hotel accommodations.

Culture: Up Close and Personal

The good thing about bed and breakfasts in Barcelona is that not only are they cheap, they also provide you with the perfect opportunity to soak up Spain’s sights, sounds, and culture. Bed and breakfasts in Barcelona are usually run by local Catalonian families. You will have the opportunity to observe local culture in its natural setting. That beats the stilted interaction and affected mannerisms of the staff in a big hotel chain. Indeed, a bed and breakfast in Barcelona will surely prove to be a more authentic cultural immersion.

Bed and breakfasts in Barcelona are usually found near landmark sites around the city. In some bed and breakfast in Barcelona, must-see places like World Heritage sites or beaches are but a walking distance away.

Owing to the dense population of tourists during some seasons in the city, booking a room at a bed and breakfast in Barcelona can be quite a challenge. The best way to avoid this problem is to make reservations as early as possible. Many bed and breakfast establishments in Barcelona accept reservations online.

Deboning Barcelona

Here are a few facts about Barcelona that will come in handy for tourists like you.

* Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia.

* Progress has rapidly changed Barcelona over the last twenty years. Some describe Barcelona as stylish and dynamic.

* Barcelona’s fiesta celebrations during the summer could last an entire week. One such celebration is the Festes de la Mercé, which kicks off around September 24. Expect a fascinating week of music, dancing, and the fabled correfoc, or fire race.

* Barcelona is predominantly Catholic. The entire city observes and celebrates all the festivals of the Roman Catholic Church.

* Works of world-renowned artists, like the buildings designed by Gaudi, are the some of the sources of the city’s pride.

Worthwhile Stops in Barcelona

The moment you step out of the door of your bed and breakfast in Barcelona, head on to the following stops:

* Rambla: Believe it or not, this famous street was once a river!

* Santa Maria del Mar: This is a fine example of Catalan gothic churches. It was built in the 14th century.

* Sagrada Familia: This unfinished cathedral was designed by Antoni Gaudi. The facades, towers, and entrances all have symbolisms tied to the Roman Catholic faith.

Barcelona is a city for the bold and the beautiful. The next time you visit, be bold. Stay at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Barcelona.

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