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August 18, 2010

Barcelona- nominee for Miss Capital?

There’ve already been two people telling me that Barcelona disappointed them. No, it’s not about any unfinished business or who knows what kind of other relationships. It’s just that Barcelona is not as glamorous and impressive as they had expected. So then that made me wonder- what do I think of this city? Do I find it beautiful and worth visiting or I’d rather not put it on a holiday-destination-list?
Well, as my friends have already said, Barcelona is quite a surprise. To cite one of them- it is “heterogeneous rather than homogeneous”. Being one of the most known cities, you would probably expect to find more order in its architectural style and more organization in making its different parts visible. Well, don’t. Because Barcelona is everything but a one-style-city.
Whatever part of Barcelona you would choose to visit, you’ll always encounter small, old houses next to new, tall and/or unfinished buildings. However normal that may sound, it is though quite striking. In certain areas, both the ancient and mediterranean elements that provide Barcelona with all its charm are dominated by modern insertions and add-ons.
The centre of the city has been kept quite intact. However, as you venture yourself more into the peripheral areas, you’ll realize that you are stepping into a totally different town. And yes, it’s true- nobody can say that these areas are not nice or beautiful. They are, but not in the way that they would fit into the whole cozy atmosphere created by the old parts of the town.
And yet, some of you might argue that this can be found in any other European capital. I most surely can’t argue about that. But what makes Barcelona outstand from all the European capitals is the clearly visible mixture of new-old, modern-ancient, etc. It is the strange sensation that this city gives you when wandering up and down its narrow streets.
And, if you did not yet have the chance of tasting these peculiar feelings, then maybe it would be time to do so. Considering that the winter holidays are one step away from us, maybe you would find the necessary courage to ask your boss for a vacation or talk your parents into “funding” a nice Christmas-trip to Barcelona. And, if you decide to go for it, you can rest assured that somebody will be here to help you find accommodation.
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