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June 7, 2010

Barcelona Lot to be Explore About

We had been to the Bangkok airport but we never stepped out of it earlier and did not visit any place in the Bangkok. But this time we had the opportunity which we did not let go in just two hundred Bhats per head we can visit the Barcelona Day Bed we felt that we must take advantage of the offer and must visit the place once. The place Barcelona is heaven for the art lovers. It is a place where number of theaters and markets are present.

In the theaters number of events like cinemas, drama, plays and sports events are carried out. These theaters and the activities carried out there are the main attraction for the tourists as it gives them good time for relaxing. The children in Barcelona are very much in favor of watching puppet shows and the sports events in the theater.

These events give a quality atmosphere or good atmosphere to the families to spend some time together after their hectic life schedule. But our one night and one day unscheduled stay in the Barcelona really made us feel great because the atmosphere in the Barcelona is very pleasant and there are number of places like natural beauty and waterfalls which are the main attractions.

Though our check in was late at night and we were very eager to get into the bed but the beauty outside attracted us and we forget all our problems. When we came back we felt very fresh even though we had our hectic traveling.

But other cities of Bangkok are equally good the aerial view of Pattaya was mind blowing. We really appreciate the flying skills of the pilots of the Thai Airways because due to their effort we could see that beautiful view of Pattaya. The sea shore resort was really fabulous at Pattaya and one will really remember the beauty of the resorts once if he or she visits there.

We remember our visit to the market where we saw lot of items which were on display. There it was like exhibition cum sale the items were made of precious stones and number of shops was selling Indian saris. When we asked our guide about the displayed items the gentlemen told us about the reality about the products which was breath taking. He told us that all the items are hand made and are extremely worth as far as price is concerned.

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