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April 17, 2010

Barcelona Airport Guide

Barcelona Airport

When traveling to Barcelona, you will need to know your way around the airport. It is very helpful to have a Barcelona Airport Guide to give you the information that you need to get around while on your trip. Below you will find some basic information on Barcelona Airport. The airport in Barcelona is called just that: Barcelona Airport. You can reach the airport directly by calling their local number (902)404-704 or you can go directly to their website at

Barcelona Airport Location

Barcelona Airport actually has 3 terminals for flights and their passengers. Barcelona Airport is located approximately 12km or 8 miles southwest of the actual city of Barcelona. When you arrive at the Barcelona airport you may be in need of transportation to get directly into Barcelona. There are plenty of cars for hire or rental cars available throughout the airport that you can use while in Barcelona. If you are leaving from Barcelona on a trip you can utilize the parking at the airport. The airport has both short term as well as long term parking available so that you can leave your vehicle right at the airport when you leave.

Barcelona Flights & Terminals

The terminals are all connected with a walkway for pedestrians to get around the terminals with ease. Barcelona is on General Mountain time +1 hour. It has been said that the airport is actually working on a fourth terminal and it is expected to be completed and in use sometime in the year 2009. Other means of transportation that you can utilize when you arrive at the Barcelona airport would be public transportation such as taxi services, public busses as well as suburban trains.

You will find that there are help desks located in both A and B terminals for your convenience and they can help you if you need directions, hotel information as well as basic information on Barcelona. You will find that there are ATM’s as well as banks located at both A and B terminals. If you find that you have lost something or you need help with getting your luggage, you will find that there is a lost and found office as well as a help office located in the Bloque Tecnico building.

There is a pharmacy as well as a 24 hour medical service that is available for you in the event that you need medical attention or have to fill prescription. There are plenty of restaurants as well as stores for your shopping needs, located right at the airport.

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