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July 2, 2010

Attractions in Barcelona for children

Barcelona is a child friendly destination. It is usual to see children out in the dead of night on the streets and in terraces when usually you used to see them in bed.

Las Ramblas is the most famed street in the city, and everybody must attend the ancient riverbed on their stay. This street is a great spot for children to get pleasure from the human statues that are the best on the continent, the caricature artists, and different national artists. You may write down your name in Chinese, in different artistic ways, and delight the weekend craft market.

At the Las Ramblas’s bottom, crossing the bridge to feed the fish at the ancient Port, you will discover two wonderful attractions for children. Aquarium is a certain fire winner, which has Europe’s biggest moving walkway tunnel; here you may esteem the moonfish, stingrays, and sharks that swim around you.
Not far from Aquarium is the astonishing IMAX cinema. It typically can cater a double bill, a 3-D showing, or a usual IMAX cinema movie for children. It is a wonderful option with the screen that is much wider and bigger than your standard cinema screen, and made-for-IMAX films are awe-inspiring.

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