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August 21, 2010

5 Food and Drink ideas for your trip to Barcelona, Spain

Food and drink is a vital part of Spanish culture and a trip to Barcelona is sure to enrich your holiday or vacation in this East coast location just below the tip of Southern France. So how can you best take advantage of the food and drink during your time in Barcelona? Below we take a look at five ideas for enjoying the Spanish culture whilst also benefiting from the food.

1. Take a wine tour. Taking a tour of a vineyard near to Barcelona can be a great way to spend a day. You can see how the famous Cava is made for example, whilst enjoying the stunning countryside and also benefiting from some sample wine tasting. Spain has a great wine making history and set of traditions and this is a great country for learning about wine making. One tip though is to make sure you have a guide who speaks English, if you do not speak enough Spanish or Catalan.

2. Go on a wine or food cruise. There are a number of opportunities to go out on a cruise boat in the day or evening time and this is a great way to sample some local tapas and wine whilst quite possibly also meeting others. On a summers day this can really be a wonderful way to enjoy an evening in Barcelona.

3. Paella Challenge. A lot of groups who go to Barcelona go there for either corporate team building events or for stag and hen parties. Events which combine food and team building tend to be very popular and one example is what is very popularly known as the Paella Challenge. Team members have to make a huge paella under certain conditions and this can be a real fun way to enjoy food and Barcelona.

4. Flamenco dinner and dance. Flamenco is a wonderful traditional dance from Spain which is fascinating to watch and quite different from any form of dance you might have seen before, with its strong form of expression. You can take advantage of the Spanish culture by watching Flamenco whilst you also enjoy some fantastic local food.

5. Cooking lessons. It is possible to take cooking lessons in Barcelona with a cookery school and to learn from a local expert on how to cook tapas and local produce. You can also take advantage of the world famous and delightful Boqueria market in the centre of La Ramblas in Barcelona. Local recipes include the tasty Spanish omelette, the delicious desert crema catalana and the freshly caught fish.

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