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August 5, 2010

10 Tips for Moving to Barcelona in Spain

Moving to another country is always stressful and sometimes complicated to organise so below are a list of ten things you might want to consider to make things easier and smoother for the move to Barcelona, Spain.

1. Renting an apartment in Spain often means that you might have to leave more security deposit than what you might normally need to rent an apartment in other countries so be prepared.

2. If you can ensure you have an address such as a friends address which you can use whilst you setting up finding an apartment so that you can proceed with sorting out your residency card. You will need to be able to give an address and that address will also need to be reliable so that you can receive mail.

3. If at all possible try and have a job to go to. This might seem obvious and also difficult to arrange but it is possible and will take a lot of pressure of you. If you are moving with a partner, one of you can check apartments whilst the other at least in brining in some income.

4. Do everything you possible can to try and learn some Spanish and or Catalan first. If time permits, try and take a class in Spanish or Catalan before moving. It will definitely make things easier for you when you arrive.

5. If you are brining a car with you, think carefully being doing so. Parking in Barcelona city can be difficult and underground spaces expensive. The public transportation in Barcelona is excellent so do you really need a car?

6. Try and go to Barcelona first before you decide finally to move there. Are you sure you will like Barcelona. Living somewhere is very different from taking a holiday somewhere. It at least is worth double checking.

7. Ask people on forums and message boards about living in Barcelona and find out the best areas and issues you may need to overcome. Doing an hours worth of research could reap rewards.

8. Make sure you genuinely have enough money on which to survive if you are serious about staying long-term in Barcelona. Barcelona is not anywhere near as cheap as it used to be in the past.

9. Go for it. If you really are sure you want to move to Barcelona then go for it and enjoy every moment of it. Follow your dreams.

10. Once you are in Barcelona try and integrate as quickly as possible and try and force yourself to speak Spanish or Catalan. The sooner you jump into the lifestyle the sooner you will settle.

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