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July 23, 2010

10 Things that are Hot in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona in Spain many of us love to visit and there are many reasons why this city is so popular and such a haven for sun, culture and shopping seekers and sometimes a combination of all three. Barcelona has some jewels in its mist and thus below we look at 10 great things about Barcelona.

1. Sagrada Familia – is an amazing attraction which was created by Gaudi many years ago and which after one hundred years is still only half finished. This is a gem of a place to visit.

2. Sitges – although not exactly in Barcelona, Sitges is a wonderful sea-side town just a few miles South of central Barcelona and is a popular summer time location. Sitges is said to be one of the most expensive places to live in Spain.

3. Barri Gotic – The Barri Gotic area is quite close to the central area and beach area and it is great cultural, with many small streets and cool shops and cafes.

4. La Rambla – is a very popular tourist area where there are dozens of tourist friendly although slightly expensive, cafes and bars. The street is also lined with shops either side, along with hotels and in the centre of the street there are numerous street entertainers who perform for the willing crowd.

5. MontJuic – is an area on high land and overlooking the city and marina area and is also the location of the Olympic swimming pool and athletics stadium. The views are great so pop up to Montjuic.

6. The main beach in Barcelona have several sections and covers more than a mile in length and is partnered with a boardwalk and is lined with numerous restaurants. On a summers night walking along the boardwalk and grabbing a bite to eat can be a pleasant experience.

7. Eixample is also a great area with many excellent cafes, bars and restauarants and a good place to hang out of an evening.

8. Hot air ballooning over Barcelona – is a fantastic thing to do in the spring or summer time in this city. The normal balloon trips take give you excellent views.

9. Wine and dining – in Barcelona is not hard to do, with the number of eateries and places to drink and relax.

10. A day trip to the historical town of Girona an hour North of Barcelona. There are some excellent things you can do both in and just outside Barcelona.

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