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August 30, 2010

Flights to Dublin

… can fly with Aer Lingus, Ryanair and Iberia.


Aer Lingus fly from Barcelona Airport to Dublin and Ryanair operate flights from Reus Airport (about 110km from Barcelona) to Dublin, again there are really good public …

August 29, 2010

Skiing around Barcelona

… for groups from €18 per person. BCN loft provides an affordable option compared to expensive hotels, hostels and B&B so that you can have a pleasant stay in Barcelona. Contact: Email: info@bcnloft.comIf you are looking for …

Car Hire Adventures In Europe’s Most Child Friendly Cities

Things To Do Outside of the City:

After all that walking, a day-trip by hire car is a special treat for tired little feet. Barcelona is convenient to a number of fine beaches. Casteldefells, situated within a half hour’s drive of …

August 28, 2010

Barcelona The Most Cosmopolitan City of Spain

… is the capital of this area as well. Barcelona has two official languages Catalan and Castilian Spanish.

Barcelona’s history, culture and traditions are steeped with Mediterranean influences and this is something that makes Barcelona a …

August 25, 2010

Best Bars To Meet People In Barcelona

… to secure a table.

There are many hotels and holiday resorts that are situated in the old areas of Barcelona. Accommodation is not always easy to come by, especially in the peak season. It is therefore in your best interests to book …

August 23, 2010

Beware Barcelona Spain

… , clothes, and other collectors’ items. You will also find lovely jewelry and other accessories in shops across Barcelona.

We have to talk architecture when we visit Barcelona. The city is a maze of streets especially in the Gothic Quarter. …

August 22, 2010

Discover the Barcelona

… . The famous Catalan architect gave this city his unique style and highly individualistic designs, including building and Barcelona apartments, in a style developed since his early days at the city’s Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura, to which …

August 21, 2010

Family vacations: Top five spots to take your kids on vacation

… from all over

the country.

Other places of interest are the children’s room, design centre, restaurant Barcelona, a theatre bar, Stockholm’s terrace for activities in the summer ,middle age museum and the world news caf.

Ideas for great vacations

… full of palaces and art, shopping and food. You can also relax in Piazza San Marco and visit the basilicas.

Barcelona, Spain: The city offers many breathtaking spots, including the summit of the Sagrada Familia, the view on the Destination …

Barcelona in Brief

… next to trendy cafes and restaurants located in the narrow cobbled streets and medieval buildings.
The Cathedral of Barcelona is the main attraction in the Gothic quarter. Built in the 14th century it is erected on the grounds of Roman worship …

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